Torani Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Fall is just around the corner, and along with fall comes delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It adds up quickly, visiting a cafe each time you want to indulge in the fall season – but it doesn’t have to. Torani is the supplier of hundreds of independent coffee shops across Canada, with their Pumpkin Spice Syrup forming the basis of the fall-themed latte.

Pumpkin Spice LatteUsing ingredients everybody has at home – milk and espresso or coffee – combine them into a latte and add 1 ounce of Pumpkin Spice Syrup (approximately 4 pumps if you’re using the pumps). The pumpkin flavour is typically enhanced with a heavier dairy – half and half or table cream work best – and the unique spice kick adds an almost chai-tea flavour to the entire drink.

For those that aren’t a fan of the spiced pumpkin flavours, there’s also pumpkin pie. The pumpkin pie syrup offers a sweeter, milder taste than the pumpkin spice and is also enhanced by heavier-creams.

More Than a Mixer – It’s a Topping

The pumpkin spice and the pumpkin pie syrup work amazingly well as a topping on desserts – from ice cream to brownies. Add a little fall-flavour to your morning oatmeal or even yogurt.

If you’re looking for something even thicker still, there’s always the Torani Pumpkin Pie Sauce – the sauce is thicker than the syrups and comes in a larger 64 oz bottle, or 16-oz squeeze bottle. It’s the pumpkin pie flavour, not spice, which means it’s meant to be sweet and not necessarily have a big kick. Nevertheless, drizzling it over pies or even whipped cream on cappuccinos is sure to blow anything you can get at a cafe out of the water.


Go Green With PerfectPod EZ Cup for Keurig Machines

Delicious, warm coffee is an essential for many people to get through their mornings with ease and enjoy even the most difficult of Mondays. Its rich, smooth taste is comforting to drink on the couch while you enjoy a good book or go out for a long conversation with a friend. Coffee has been enjoyed and celebrated by many since the 15th century, as it has elegantly evolved in taste and form.

The Keurig machine is perhaps the best thing to happen to coffee in the past decade. It’s allowed people to enjoy their coffee at home more easily and with more convenience, with just a single cup of coffee made in a mere minute. Thousands of people have started fan clubs, raved about new flavours and even begun to start drinking coffee thanks to the Keurig.

Although the Keurig machine is a new advancement with coffee and much appreciated, unfortunately there’s a lot of waste that comes with the K-cups required to brew the coffee. The K-cups are made of an unrecycleable plastic that produces thousands of pounds in waste a year. Fortunately, there’s a new option on going green, but still enjoying coffee from a Keurig.

PerfectPod EZ Cups are a great option because they’re not only reusable, but will allow you to use any coffee made for the Keurig. They’re easy to use, and have self-tampering spring extracts to create a better tasting cup of coffee or tea. They’re used in conjunction with the EZ-Cup filters, which are compostable and don’t harm the environment. They’re incredibly easy to use as they just need to be filled with the coffee and sealed for the coffee to deliciously brew.

EZ Cups are becoming increasingly popular as many people want to reduce their carbon footprint and waste without giving up their love for coffee. They allow coffee made in Keurig Machines to taste even better, and you won’t have to feel guilty about throwing out so much paper and plastic in the process. You can drink your favourite flavour of coffee with ease, knowing your love of coffee isn’t harming the environment. You can take your environmental stewardship to another level by combining the compostable filters with energy-saving tips found at for a morning coffee option that also includes energy savings.

The EZ Cups and filters are compatible with most Keurig models. EZ Cups and filters are sold at an affordable price and are sold separately. Not only will they allow you to feel guilt-free when you enjoy your Keurig for many years to come, but you will also be able to drink coffee that tastes richer, thanks to EZ Cups and how they work in the Keurig. You’ll also be able to enjoy many different flavors of hot tea with the reusable cups, and do your part to protect the environment one cup at a time!

K-Cups For Your Daily Dose of Coffee

In a hurry and wish to wait to have an entire pot of coffee to brew? K-Cups are ready in seconds instead of minutes, giving you a great tasting coffee when it’s needed, every period. Canadians can enjoy high quality coffee that is the result of decades of roasting expertise, right in the comfort of your own home.

K Cups save you from needing a complete pot of coffee when all you want is just one cup. While it’s true that the K-Cup will cost you $0.50-$0.75 depending on the brand, a full pot of coffee will cost about $1.00 in ground coffee beans, the majority of which inevitably goes down the drain.

On the quality front, drip brewed coffee tends to taste burnt, especially when it has been left to sit for too long on the heating pad. K-Cups are brewed within seconds using precision temperatures and just the perfect amount of water for your coffee. Grounds are kept fresh with Keurig’s patented filter baskets that prevents the grounds inside from going stale before brewing.

A single cup of coffee takes under a minute to brew inside a Keurig machine, saving Canadians precious minutes versus a traditional drip coffee machine. We all understand how important individuals extra couple of minutes can be in the morning – minutes that can be used to rest, or save money time together with your family.

Variety is the spice of your life, and you are able to make the most of a huge variety of different coffees as well as flavours with K-Cups. Want the cup of Dominican Coffee followed with a cup of french vanilla flavoured coffee? Good luck with a 10-cup pot of coffee. Single cups from Keurig give you the ability to actually enjoy your coffee, instead of chocking down 40 cups of the same bland, brewed coffee every single day.

Having a number of flavours means that you can always serve the right coffee for your guests, whether they want a lighter roast or even a dark roast, whether they’d like regular coffee or flavoured coffee, or even tea (through Celestial Tea or Bigelow) or hot chocolate (from Grove Square).

Green Mountain has established the upcoming wave of coffee makers, forever changing the way in which Canadians drink coffee. They’ve contracted out to probably the most experienced coffee roasters, and made their high quality quality coffees open to anyone in the touch of a button. Master roasters at companies such as Caribou Coffee, Barista Prima, Eight OClock as well as Starbucks have made coffees that blow away your normal coffee experience.

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. If that’s true, then what would you call Van Houtte’s roasters with decades of accumulated practice? Whatever the title, you know you’re getting the best possible cup of coffee in your Keurig coffee brewer – all in seconds and at the touch of a button.

Perfect Pod EZ Cup Filters Canada

Perfect Pod EZ Cup and FilterThe Perfect Pod EZ Cup Filters (when combined with the Perfect Pod EZ Cup) enable you to use any type of coffee inside your Keurig-compatible single service coffee maker. This disposable, recycleable filter make it environmentally friendly and less expensive for you to get your Daily Dose of Coffee. Unlike store-bought K-Cups which can’t be recycled and end up in a landfill, these 100% paper-based products can be composted. Coffee is actually great for your plants, and is a natural insecticide!

Being able to use your own coffee inside your K-Cup machine means that you open up an entire world of ground coffee, from Fair Trade coffees, to Organic certified varieties and even Rainforest Alliance beans! They can be ground FRESH instead of sitting on store shelves for months at a time like traditional K-Cups, which drastically improves  the quality of your daily cup of coffee.

The paper filters have an advantage over other types of “re-usable” K-Cups – they capture oils and fine grinds that mesh filters let pass through. This leaves you with a finer cup of coffee without the disgusting clumps of coffee grounds at the base of your cup.

The Perfect Pod EZ Cup is made with a built-in spring that makes ejecting the used paper filters (with coffee grounds) as simple as opening the lid. The filters have enough strength to keep from ripping apart when removing them from the Perfect Pod, even after being soaked during the coffee brewing process.

Pick up a Perfect Pod EZ Cup along with 7 additional 50-pack EZ Cup Filters today for an entire year (350 filters at 1 filter per day) worth of single serving coffee filters for just $64.00 CAD plus $5.00 flat shipping. Compare that to the cost of $210 for 350 K-Cups (est. $0.60/each) and your socially responsible investment pays for itself in the first year.

Perfect Pod EZ Cup Canada

SCAA Green Coffee Guidelines

Back and Front of Green Coffee Bean

Back and Front of Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee is highly regulated, as something so popular needs a standard to be measured against. Coffee is classified into “grades” when it is sold as green beans, this classification is known as the GACCS (Green Arabica Coffee Classification System). It examines the number of defects in a batch of green beans to determine what quality the exporters can claim their product to be. A few guidelines include:

  • The number of defects to full defects
  • Bean variations and imperfections have to carefully match the guidelines set out in images in the Defect Handbook
  • The defects are determined based on roughly 3/4lb (350 grams) random sampling
  • A full defect is determined to be a combination of one or more individual defects depending on how much they affect a single cup
  • Specialty grades of coffee require zero “Category 1” defects and no greater than five “Category 2” defects
  • Defects are either present or they are not, there is no such thing as a fractional (part) defect
  • The SCAA GACCS defines two grades only: Specialty and Premium

Specific guidelines must be followed when grading the green coffee beans. For example, when determining the colour the evaluator must have a level work surface area with enough space to hold 350 grams (about 24″x24″), a 42-watt full-spectrum fluorescent tabletop light, a circular bean dish, a flat-black poster board and a wooden straight-edge ruler (standard 12″). The combination of these criterion allow graders all over the world to evaluate beans under the same condition, with basic items and instruments.

There are of course some growers/suppliers who may want to fudge numbers, making a grade of certain coffee appear higher than it actually is to get the higher selling price. While this does happen from time to time, the rules are strictly enforced and violating them may result in the supplier being ejected from the organization, which does not allow them to sell their products as certified “Grade 1” or “Grade 2” green coffee.

Find out more about the Specialty Coffee Association Grading Guide.

Daily Dose of Coffee

Caffeine is usually consumed in the form of coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas and energy drinks with the hope that it will increase your cognitive functioning and improve your mood. Judging by the length of the waiting lines in Starbucks, this must be especially true in the mornings. Many of us feel like we really can’t function until we get our first cup (or two) of coffee.
It’s generally agreed that consuming up to 300 mg of caffeine per day is safe. That’s roughly the amount of caffeine you would get from three cups (not mugs or big paper cups) of coffee. Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant may want to decrease that amount or skip the caffeine altogether.
Caffeine is a stimulant and some studies show that small amounts of caffeine may increase your mental response time. Other studies show that the cognitive improvements and mood elevation may not really be due to the beneficial aspects of caffeine as much as ending the withdrawal symptoms we feel when you haven’t had your morning “fix” yet.
Consuming more than 300 mg caffeine per day may give you the “caffeine jitters. ” Larger amounts of caffeine may make you irritable, sleepless and may even trigger anxiety and cause diarrhea. It was assumed for a long time that drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated beverages would cause dehydration because caffeine can act as a diuretic. However, researchers found that your body adjusts to your caffeine intake so drinking caffeinated beverages won’t increase your need for water.
Kicking the caffeine habit cold turkey isn’t so good either. Caffeine withdrawal can give you headaches, make you crabby, give you muscle aches and generally make you feel miserable for a few days, but after a week or so, the withdrawal symptoms will pass.

Restaurants often serve their patrons coffee when serving breakfast, lunch and dinner because it’s a quick way for people to get their caffeine fix and get on with their day. Cafes are constantly popping up on corners everywhere, making it simple to grab a coffee on the way in to work. If you’re wondering about starting a cafe or restaurant business and are looking for a supplier for fresh roasted coffee in Canada, check out wholesale coffee from Coffee Contractor.